Terms And Conditions

This website terms and conditions template is designed for use in relation to subscription-based websites: that is, websites that require users to pay a subscription fee to gain access to premium content or special functionality for a defined period.

For example, the template may be suitable for use in relation to online newspapers or magazines with premium content areas.

The base version of this template takes full account of current consumer protection legislation, including the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. In addition to the base version, the following special versions are available.

  • B2B subscription website T&Cs – This document does not take account of consumer protection legislation, but is otherwise almost identical to the base version.
  • Legal subscription website T&Cs – For subscription website that publish legal information.
  • Health and fitness subscription website T&Cs – For website publishing health and/or fitness information.
  • Financial subscription website T&Cs – This version contains a special financial information disclaimer. It should not be used in relation to services that are subject to the financial services regulatory regime (at least without taking specialist advice).
  • Social network and subscription website T&Cs – For social networking websites with premium, subscription-based features.

All versions of the document anticipate that subscription benefits and subscription fees will be specified on the website, and allow for different types or levels of subscription. All versions include alternative provisions for subscriptions that:

  • terminate automatically at the end of the subscription period; or
  • renew automatically.

Finally, optional provisions concerning user-generated content are incorporated into the document: a licence for the publisher to use such content, and warranties protecting the publisher in the event that the content gives rise to liability.

These terms and conditions are commonly used in conjunction with our privacy and cookies policy template.


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