First Cockpit uses state-of-the-art, professional flight simulators based on the Airbus A 320.  Manufactured by company in Germany,  simulators include high-fidelity, real-size cockpits with accurate and fully-functional aircraft controls, instrumentation and systems.

The simulators are used world-wide for pilot training and provide clients with a fully immersive experience and the closest thing to flying the real thing. From following real-world checklists and talking with Air Traffic Control to flying into the world’s most challenging airports with the simulator’s stunning high-definition 160 degree visual system, clients will receive a truly authentic experience.

Airbus A 320 FBS in India

Airbus A 320 FBS in India


Key Features

  • Fixed-base simulator based on the Airbus A 320
  • 100% scale, fully enclosed cockpit
  • Fully functional aircraft panels, systems, avionics and controls including glass cockpit instrument displays, Flight Management Computers (FMC), Autopilot, Flight Director System , TCAS, weather radar, and EGPWS
  • Highly realistic flight model and flight controls
  • Motorised thrust quadrant including auto-thrust, speedbrake lever and trim wheels
  • Surround stereo sound system with including realistic sounds.
  • 160° curved screen High Definition Visual System
  • Global scenery and navigation database including over 24,000 airports and cities
  • The ability to fly around any landmark from London Bridge to the Sydney Opera House
  • Four seats including 5-point seat harnesses for Pilot Seats
  • Touch-screen Instructors Station with extensive features



The A320 Family is the most successful aircraft family ever and it was born ambitious. As the first civil aircraft to pioneer fly-by-wire technology, it has set the standard ever since its arrival.It is the most advanced single aisle aircraft.


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